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2004 Winners, Semifinalists and Quarterfinalists:  





GRAND PRIZE WINNER- Triple Dog (Drama) by Barbara Marshall

LOGLINE:  A high school girl escapes from a troubled home life by playing a dangerous game of dare. 


ABOUT THE WRITER: In 2003, Barbara Marshall completed a Film/Video MFA at California Institute of the Arts. She was a 2002 finalist in the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships and has received top honors in Slamdance, Worldfest Houston, Santa Clarita and Rhode Island International Film Festival. Triple Dog, is an official selection of the IFP Market New York, and has been honored in the 2004 Slamdance and San Diego Film Festival screenwriting competitions. 


SECOND PLACE WINNER (TIE) - Gale (Biopic) by David Soleil 

LOGLINE:  When Gale Cincotta, a brash, overweight, chain-smoking housewife, discovers a nationwide conspiracy to exploit America's poor neighborhoods, she tries to reload a national movement to stop it before she loses her house and family.


ABOUT THE WRITER: David Soleil received his Masters degree in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute Conservatory where he won the Jack Oakie Memorial Award for Screenwriting.  He is currently working with Davis Entertainment (Alien vs. Predator, Garfield, Daddy Day Care) developing a sitcom pilot based on his real-life experience as a motivational speaker who has lost his motivation to live.  David is managed by Messina-Baker Entertainment.    


SECOND PLACE WINNER (TIE) - Jane (Biopic) by Geetika Lizardi

LOGLINE:  Idealistic, young Jane Austen must choose between a loveless marriage and a life of poverty, but she forges a new path for herself writing novels.


ABOUT THE WRITER: Geetika Lizardi is a published poet, author and screenwriter.  After graduating with honors from Stanford University, Geetika went on to earn an MBA from the University of Michigan Business School.   She has worked for Microsoft, Ogilvy & Mather ad agency and NBC Studios, and served as a consultant.  JANE is Geetika's first screenplay.







GRAND PRIZE WINNER - MacArthur Park (Drama) by Catherine Dutko

LOGLINE:  An El Salvadorian sweatshop worker, in a desperate attempt to fight for workers rights and to find hope for the future of her children, crosses the US border to confront the American owner of the factory.


ABOUT THE WRITER:  In 2002, Catherine received her Master’s degree in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California.  Of her five full-length screenplays, three, including MacArthur Park, Four Fabulous Friends, and Subject No. 15, have consistently placed highly in numerous screenplay competitions including the 2004 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, American Zoetrope, Maverick, Chesterfield, Slamdance, and American Accolades. 



SECOND PLACE - Bomber (Drama) by Thomas Brennan

LOGLINE:  A young Sudanese boy finds his world shattered when his mother is killed by a US cruise missile strike at Khartoum.  Before she dies, he promises he'll take care of the farm and his father.  This turns out to be nearly impossible as his destiny collides with that of a talented though under-appreciated, FBI Agent in DC.


ABOUT THE WRITER: Thomas Brennan, a screenwriter and former architect, has completed several spec scripts including "Silver Creek" and "Prince Dayo".  His current project is a feature length romantic comedy that draws on his personal experience in the field of Information Technology entitled, "The IT Girl".



THIRD PLACE - Ride The Wind (Drama) by James Gregory Jackson

LOGLINE: A Brooklyn teenager wins a horse in a raffle and insists on taking it home to the Barrio where predatory forces battle to destroy him and his animal.  Gathering friends along the way, the boy triumphs through remarkable ingenuity and bravery.


ABOUT THE WRITER: James Gregory Jackson comes out of television journalism, lives in Santa Monica, has 5 kids, and makes up movies when he can no longer stand reality. 




Accustomed To Your Face (Romantic Comedy) by Russell Sommers

Attention, Earthlings (Comedy) by Anne Winter

Aurora (Drama) by Wendy Bednarz

Helen of Troy (Drama) by Jennifer Vandever

Into Something Good (Coming-of-Age Comedy) by Ruth Campbell

Lullaby (Drama) by Craig Volk & Galina Bulgakova

Mary Buys A Guitar (Comedy) by Kristen Foshay

Mohave Junction (Drama) by Marlene Shigekawa

Redemption (Drama) by Lizanne Southgate

Revolution’s Daughter (Historical Drama) by Nancy Bilyeau

Sailing Blind (Thriller) by Cheryl Herring

Salvation (Thriller) by Marvin Cotlar

Sister of the Bride (Comedy) by Georgia Ragsdale

The Remnants of Decay (Horror) by Robert J. Bethencourt

The Seduction of Auntie Rose (Romantic Comedy) by Alpha Blair

Three Blind Mice (Thriller) by Kevin Frech

Voices (Drama) by Susan Klos




Cody Medicine Hat (Family Drama) by Pete Red Sky

Draliana: One World (Action/Adventure) by Kathyrn R. Hare

Freedom (Drama) by Stephen Tull

General Thumb (Biopic) by Charles Burmeister

I Am Mine (Drama) by Gus Avila

Marina (Drama) by Tina Juarez

Squeezing Adam (Dark Comedy) by Prince Gomolvilas

The Fastest Man in the World (Biopic) by Elizabeth Hayes

The Hydraulic Jump (Action/Adventure) by Eduardo Aguilar

The Long Nosed Dog (Drama) by Larson Adams

Trigger (Action) by Shervin Youssefian   

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