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2014 Winners


Logline:   The shooting of a state governor coincides with the pending execution of an innocent woman on death row.  For reasons to be discovered, the police bring in a female psychologist to interrogate three brothers and get a confession before midnight.


About the Writer Over the years, Sean Corrigan has written thirteen feature screenplays and a dozen plays and teleplays, receiving over fifty awards for his writing. He has placed in the top 10 in screenwriting contests such as the Austin Film Festival, Cinestory Screenwriting Contest, Scriptapalooza, Slamdance, and Final Draft Screenwriting Contest. He has had three plays produced in New York City and Washington D.C. Also a SAG/AFTRA actor, Corrigan has appeared in dozens of commercials and several feature films. In 2001, he wrote and directed his first feature film, Insignificant Other, which was deemed, "a strong feature debut from Corrigan... a solid and unsettling, darkly comic film" by Film Threat. In January 2002, he was featured in Script Magazine's "The Writers You'll Wish You Knew When" section. In 2009, Corrigan was one of three writers in the country to be awarded a writing fellowship by the Austin Film Festival. He currently works in advertising, but continues to write regularly, in the hope of making it his full-time occupation.


SECOND PLACE:  MUTE by Brandon Michael Chang

Logline:  A wildly imaginative but hopelessly shy 10-year-old girl loses the ability to speak following the death of her mother.


About the Writer:  Brandon Michael Chang is a young writer and filmmaker hailing from San Francisco. Always interested in film but not quite ready to take the plunge, he moved to Los Angeles to study at UCLA under a science degree. Upon graduating, full of regret and self-loathing, he decided to make a drastic change and pursue his lifelong dream of filmmaking. He wrote and directed his first short film, "Hurt," while studying film production at Santa Monica College.


Logline:  After the mysterious death of her guardian grandmother, Erin (16) negotiates her own troubled past, a violent estranged brother and a veil of secrecy to find her Mother and avenge years of abuse and neglect.

About the Writer:  Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Ewen Glass went on to study film and media at Stirling University in Scotland.  After graduating, he cut his teeth writing stage-plays before turning exclusively to the screen.  Productions include short films, a UK feature (with extensive distribution on the home market) and work as a storyliner on British TV serial, Hollyoaks.  His feature scripts have received development from Northern Ireland Screen and Slovak Audiovisual Fund, and he was awarded a place on Edinburgh International Film Festival's prestigious TalentLab in 2013.  Keen to broaden the scope of his work, Ewen has written scripts for Bollywood and companies in Europe; he is, however, intent on working in America.  He has just finished a psychological thriller called HINTERLAND, set over one night in an isolated motel, in which a quiet vending-machine attendant with a temper problem is drawn into a murder-plot by a seductress with secrets of her own.  Ewen also enjoys eating cheese. 



Logline:  A middle-aged man who has lost his love for life, gets a dog and an RV and travels west to find his father.  


About the Writer:  Michael Rhodes taught English and science in secondary schools, test drilled for oil and worked as a railroad brakeman mostly in the West.  After moving to Austin he syndicated and marketed Earth & Sky, an award-winning, international science radio program.  He's taken a variety of screenplay workshops and also studied with four professional editors to polish his scripts. All three of his screenplays have been finalists in contests this year.  His ultimate goal is to see his stories produced into high quality, successful films.  


Logline:  Based on an incredible true event, Uncle Pisau's Arduous Journey tells the story of a Papuan farmer who, embittered by a tragic past, is forced to take his young niece across New Guinea to seek medical help. Their trying journey unexpectedly challenges his perceptions of the past.

About the Writer: Charles Erven is a playwright and screenwriter whose plays include The Ballad of Chet (On the Eve of His Bliss), Canyon Suite, Glynn's Crossing and Painting Landscapes.  Canyon Suite won the 2005 David Mark Cohen playwriting award. His most recent play, The Ballad of Chet (On the Eve of His Bliss) premiered in 2010 and was the finalist for the 2012 Kennedy Center award. In 2006, he was the John Wall Playwriting Fellow at the Sewanee Writers Conference at the University of the South. Charles holds an MFA in Screenwriting from University of California, Riverside and a Masters in Directing from University of Maryland, College Park. His goal is to write about people whose stories are ignored.

THIRD PLACE:  HAWK DREAMER by Marlene Shigekawa

Logline:  During World War II, a Japanese American imprisoned on a reservation and a disenchanted Native American lawyer reluctantly join forces to solve a tragic murder.

About the Writer: Marlene Shigekawa has a broad base of experience as a producer, screenwriter, book author and diversity consultant. She is currently producing and co-writing a documentary film - For the Sake of the Children, to be released in 2015. Her screenplays include: Hawk Dreamer, Hunting Picasso and Mohave Junction. She is also the co-writer for teleplays: Skip West and Proud Mary. As a new media producer and content manager, she has created several new technology projects. She is a published author of several books including children's books (Blue Jay in the Desert & Welcome Home Swallows) and a career development book (Succeeding in High Tech: A Guide to Building Your Career).  As a former diversity consultant she has worked throughout the U.S. with corporate executives and school administrators and has made presentations at universities and colleges. She has a B.A. in English from the University of California, Riverside and a M.S. in Counseling from the California State University.  Marlene's goal is to become a professional screenwriter. Additional information can be found at: www.marleneshigekawa.com 






13th Step by Amelia Champion and Rafael Alvarez

Alien Rendezvous 3-D by Darlene Anne Inkster

American Buddha by Andrew Quinn

Artistic License by David Zelitzky

Ascension by Darryl Hill

Beatmatchin' by John Bryant

Beyond the Painted Line by Mary Theresa Tierney and Eileen Tierney

Beyond the Shadows by Darlene Anne Inkster

Blues by Carlotta Schoch

Boudicca by Leah Melane Waller

Callie Earlene by Scott Simpson

City of N.O. by Rosaia Shepard

The Cuban Queen Bordello by Peggy Hicks

Defense of Another by Joan Broadman

The Door at the Top of the Stairs by Alison Naomi Holt

Einstein's Dilemma by Leah Melane Waller

Feeding the Sharks by Douglas Beer

Finding Joy by Virginia Lee Brucker

First Blush by Tamara Farsadi

First Person Shooter by DC Sayre

Going Solo by Robert Gately and Drew Keil

Grace by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel

Guardian of the Empire by Warren Hull

Hell & Other Platitudes by Melanie Cohn

Hermena by Keith Langsdale

History of Fire by Michael Whitton and James Hamilton James

The Home Front by David Buttaro

Hope by Viliam Babjarcik

Insanity Way by Cheyenne Green and Shaun Delliskave

The Introvert's Playlist by Rachel Woolley

J.W. by Trionne Domino

Little Drummer Girl by Jess Grant

Little House by Claire Fowler

Mabel by Flavia Jackson

Missing Love by Ronald Marchand and Rhonda L. Dee-Ewing

Momsong by Yvonne Meyer

Mother Nature's Son by JB Berg

No/Good Place by Marguerite Woodward

Offsides by Rebekah E. Reaves

Public Places by Julie Adler Batavia

Roller Rebel by Sharon Rutter and Laura Plotkin

Sexton by Elizabeth Oyebode

SIG by John Geraci

The Sign by Jessica Paliza

Unplugged by Paul McComas

Wake Up Priscilla! by Emanuela Del Monaco and Antonio Consentino

What Ever Happened to Barbara Brown by Luftu Emre Cicek

Wild Sky by Andrea Ashton

The Woman of His Dreams by Jeffrey Rubin



400 Years A Slave by Aaron Yarber

Best Friends by Henrik Wilenius

Black Santa by Jeremy Feig and Tiffany Current

Canaan by Elizabeth Jane Copeman

The Devil’s Larceny by Howard Fridkin

Erasing William by Annabel O'Connell

Flux by Gus Avila

Grab by Alex Burger

Life's Rounds by Brian Russell Smith

Medal of Honor by Martin Blinder

No Surrender by Michael Farkas

Our Lady of the Artichokes by Katherine Vaz

Precarious by Penelope Thomas

Race by Andre Fuad Degas

San Francisco Sandinista by David Cupples

Sanctuary by Karen Samuelson

Still Life With Kittens by Vito Roppo

The Red Note by Craig Stewart Whitney

The Twenty-One Gun Salute by Ronald Ecker

The Want Ads by Michael Rhodes

Three Months by Jared Frieder

To Sharpen A Thorn by Clint Pearson and Patricia Benzon

Topspin by Geoff Richardson

Tussle by Aaron Yarber

Weather or Not by Suzanne Johnson

World War 1.5 by Jeff Woodruff



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