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Congratulations to the 2017 Cynosure Semifinalists!



Bodey by Ernestina Juarez

Dannemora by Matthew Williams & Andrew Griffiths

No Running by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan

Out There by Joseph Rechtman (Story by Christopher Rucinski & Joseph Rechtman)

The Game-Changer by Patrick Sherman

The Ghosts of Silver Gulch by Bob Canning

The Repass by Rae Shaw




A Gentleman of Good Hope by Christina Hulen

D.I.D. by Ronald Marchand and Rhonda Dee-Ewing

Free as the Wind by Susan Zimmerman

Iron Maidens by John Smith

Sister Grimm by Simon Fink and Daniel Tabuena-Frolli

Surviving 14 by Katie Marie Streicher

The Maidservant's Cap by Jeff Opdyke

Under Fire by John Garofolo

Winners will be announced on November 22nd.  Good luck!

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