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Congratulations to the 2017 Quarterfinalists!


2017 Female Quarterfinalists

A Gentleman of Good Hope by Christina Hulen

African Harvest by Marise Samitier

Aftermath by Nguyen Nguyen

Ascension by Jeff Lewis

Baby Steps by Michelle Bergamo

Bound in Shallows by Joanne Lalli

Cadaver Dog by Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho

Cowboys and Hindus by Tejal Desai

Crossbow Wars by Sojean Peou

D.I.D. by Ronald Marchand and Rhonda Dee-Ewing

Dani's Inferno by Christopher Suarez

Darkness in Tenement 45 by Nicole Groton

Disruptive by Brad Hennig

Dorrie by C.R. Night

Eyes of Dawn by Sheri Davenport

Flawed by Alma Murray Dunham

Free as the Wind by Susan Zimmerman

Ghost Writer by Don Santiago

If I Could, I Would by Jocelyn Osier

Iron Maidens by John Smith

 Jewel of Oakland by Carter Stewart

Kokujin by Ronald L Bryan

Mating by Rae Shaw

Nauti Girls by Linda Toussaint

Not Even Past by Jeffrey Howe

Overdue by Barbara McCormick-Thomas

Pink Slips by Brad Hennig

Redbone by Ned Eckhardt

Redcoats on the Hudson by Carole Ryavec

Rock, Pretty Mama by Katie Marie Streicher

Shattered Ceilings by Michael McLeod

Shine Your Eyes by Clint Pearson

Sister Grimm by Simon Fink

Snowstorm by Ronald Marchand and Rhonda Dee-Ewing

Stir Simmer Repeat by Sallyanne Massimini

Surviving 14 by Katie Marie Streicher

The Bite by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan

The Book Club by Noelle Nelson

The Flower Hunter by Danny Sheehy

The Gestapo vs. Granny by Shequeta L. Smith

The Grad List by Tara DeMarco

The Maidservant's Cap by Jeff Opdyke

The Wild Wild Witch by Greg Hill and Walt Griggs

Trial By Error by Susan Cain

Under Fire by John Garofolo

Walkins Welcome by Sojean Peou



2017 Diversity Quarterfinalists

A Passionate Man by Martin Blinder

 American Myths of Black & White by Aaron Yarber

American Ubuntu by Lenore Norrgard

Arce's War by Jorge Marcos

Bodey by Ernestina Juarez

Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin

Dannemora by Matthew Williams & Andrew Griffiths

Dylan Mays by C.R. Night

Green Lanes by James Walker

Insurrection by Simon Bowler

No Running by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan

Out There by Joseph Rechtman & Christopher Rucinski

Red Car by Justin Swingle

Sanctuary by Karen L Samuelson

Sunday's At Eleven by Tom Ziegler

The Big League by Rene Rawls

The Boat by Robert Woolridge

The Boy on the Cover by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan

The Game-Changer by Patrick Sherman

The Ghosts of Silver Gulch by Bob Canning

The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin

 The Queen's Gambit by Brian MacEvilly

The Repass by Rae Shaw

The Rival Poet by Arlynda Lee Boyer

'Til We Meet Again by Russell Chan

Trapped by Martin Blinder

Twice Born by James Watts

Winners will be announced on November 22nd.  Good luck!

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