1999 Winners


Grand Prize Winner: Donor 416 by Jennifer Houston

Logline: A graduate student in child psych falls in love with the anonymous donor of her lesbian sister’s unborn child.

Second Place: Social Insecurity by Steve Wisniewski

Logline: To keep his social security money, an old woman buries her husband in the backyard, which leads to more “dead husband” burials and, eventually, an international scandal.

Third Place: Sunday’s Child by Adam Karpel

Logline: A police detective must find a serial killer preying on little girls before the killer kills the detective’s little girl.


Grand Prize Winner: Losers by Kimberly K. Reid

Logline: In a high school where a senior commits suicide each year, the new, incoming senior class places a bet to see who the loser will be their year.

Second Place: La Jura by Katrina Cabrera

Logline: A defense attorney, whose job it is to uphold the law, has to decide what to do when her cop brother breaks it.

Third Place: Hellfighters from Harlem by Robert Davenport

Logline: The true-life story of Henry Johnson – the only African-American soldier to be recommended for a Congressional Medal of Honor during WWI.

Absence by Dan Woodard
Auto Mama by Janell McLeod
Beautiful People by Risa
Lauren Bouganvillea by
Gentry Fry Camille and Claude by Andre Anthony Moore
Clara Burr by Trey Wodele
destination: Moon by Lori
Silverbush (female protagonist)
Flames of Courage by Ethan H. Calk
A Ghost of a Chance by E. Willa Haas
Green Fever by Stephen Donnelly and Denise Richards
Harvest Moon by Kelly Mahony
If the Shoe Fits by Arla Bowers
Isaac’s Blessing by Michael David Farris
Little Shy: The Elizabeth Blackwell Story by Barbara Anne Shaw
Mother U. by Lynda A. Levy
My Green Sky by Kathryn Scott
Perfect Couple by Vera Caccioppoli
Post Time by Olga Elaine Rojer
Regrets by Elizabeth Hansen
Screaming My Heart Out by Janyce Lapore
The Seasons by Kristine J. Namkung
The Story of Kady Brown by Lori Silverbush
Subterfuge by Paula C. Brancato and James E. Fischer
The Summer of Elizabeth by Michael D. Zungolo
A Survivor’s War by Romeo Ciolfi
Twilight’s Magic by Nina M. Gilberti
Vesa’s Song by Jesse Griffith
Warrior by Julie Reichert
Watercolors by Amanda Taylor Higdon
Zinzi by Phyllis MacBryde

Bitter Lake by Devin Wallace
Black Blood by Gayle Jackson
Dreamer of the Dine by Arla Bowers
The Fall and Rise of ‘Champagne’ Sanchez by Rudy Miera
Foreverglades by Susan Schlepp and Brent Souter
The Hands of Time by Suzanne Genc
Jasmine Rose by Karen Ashikeh
Little Angel by Alfredo de Villa and Nathaniel Moss
North Star by Rusty Harding
A Privileged Class by Denise Williams
Rise in Peace by Timothy Michael Jeffrey
Room at the Inn by Barbara Hindley
Small Town Lives by Sam Kneiss
A Tasty Little Scandal by Laurie B. Turner
Ugly Sky by Tanya Anderson Hooper

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