2007 Winners


GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The Lion and the Eagle (Drama) by Christine Nelson Wenger

LOGLINE: The Lion and the Eagle follows the steady rise of Eleanor of Aquitaine as she struggles to keep her lands and ensure a kingdom for her son, Richard the Lionheart.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Christine Nelson Wenger is a double graduate of Northwestern University (Bachelors and Masters). In a former life, Christi led corporate communications for Attorney Liability Assurance Society, where she endeavored to add color and drama to annual reports and company safety videos. She is a mother of three, lifelong Chicago resident, and Cubs fan. In her spare time, she judges figure skating and scribbles screenplay ideas on (hopefully) clean napkins. “The Lion and The Eagle” is her first screenplay to survive infancy. Christi hopes one day to support her Starbucks habit with

2ND PLACE: Freshly Popped (Comedy) by Megan Parsons

LOGLINE: A nerdy, self-loathing female Cineplex employee decides it’s finally time to knock boots and sets out to find a worthy recipient.

THIRD PLACE: Matri-money (Romantic Comedy) by Hal Katkov

LOGLINE: An ailing wealthy grandmother gives her two single granddaughters an ultimatum: get married in three months OR be disinherited. Chaos ensues.


GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The Lost Brigade (Historical/Drama/Action) by Paul Gulino

LOGLINE: A brigade of black WWII soldiers lobby for the right to fight, only to find themselves having to prove themselves beyond expectation on the German front.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Paul Joseph Gulino is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, teacher and script consultant, whose book, Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach has been adopted as a textbook at leading film schools around the world. He currently teaches screenwriting at Chapman University in Orange, California.

2ND PLACE: Algo Por Mi (Drama) by Juan Sebastian Jacome

LOGLINE: After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, a poor young woman tries to sneak her son into America to stay with her grandmother.

3RD PLACE: Boat People (Action Adventure) by David Kane

LOGLINE: During the fall of Saigon in 1975, and with the help of a very brave American soldier, a young Vietnamese woman learns the true meaning of sacrifice as she struggles through one hardship after another to pursue her mother’s dream of one day performing at Carnegie Hall.

Denim and Silk: The True Life Story of Rosamond (Drama/Biopic) by Julie Lynch
Duster (Action/Drama) by Micah Wright & Jay Lender
Friendly Fire (Action Adventure) by Cecile Silvers
Heaven & Nell (Modern Fantasy) by Wendy Wheeler
Iron Maidens (Drama) by David McEwing
Kat in the Cradle (Coming of Age Drama) by L.A. Workman
Lone Star Rising (Dramedy) by Carol Strickland
Season of Speed (Sports/Action) by Doug Solter

Blue Cellophane (Drama Noir) by Robert Ian Simpson
Master Ch’ien (Drama) by Cynthia Daigle Xenakis
Mr. Smith’s Class Goes To Washington (Family Comedy) by Lisa Yoffee & Steven Samuels
No Running (Drama) by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan
Unnatural Disaster (Dramedy) by Kathy King Western Avenue (Comedy) by Jihoon Cho

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