2002 Winners


GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Black Lace by Patrick Brown

Logline: May West, on the rebound from heartbreak, meets “Mr. Perfect” and it seems her life is back on track, until he’s involved in a hit-and-run accident. She agrees to help him conceal the truth, but this decision may cost her everything.

SECOND PLACE: Seoul to America by Grace Rowe

Logline: Three young Asian American women struggle to maintain their identity in Los Angeles and come to realize that life is much bigger than the world they’ve created for themselves.

THIRD PLACE: Culebra by Steven Santos

Logline: During one summer, the Santiago family struggles with their complacency and dysfunction, as they try to reconnect with their roots in Puerto Rico.


GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The Quilted Heart by Gary Corbett Davis

Logline: A woman and her long lost grandmother are reunited through the re-telling of a past that is literally embodied in the fabric of the grandmother’s quilt.

SECOND PLACE: Arsenal Street by Stewart Skelton

Logline: Vertigo meets Blue Velvet as two emotionally damaged women on a psychosexual bender look for their kicks in dangerous places.

THIRD PLACE: Violent Femmes by Beanie Barnes

Logline: Four women pull off the perfect heist. Now they must wait for a call to make the drop. If they can survive each other for an hour, they’ll walk away clean.

Final Dignity by Lawrence Kelter
Immortalz by Jaxon Ronin
Looking for Lewis by Gary Michael Spahl
Mother’s Mary by David Alexander Canady
Neptune’s Kiss by Armando Youngblood
Untitled #12 by Charles Burmeister
Valley of the Spirits by K. D. Clemmens and Warren R. Hull

Bride by Tara Lyn Modhadam
Careful What You Wish For by Gretchen Somerfeld
And the Past Lies Sleeping by Jay Natelle
Family Secret by Warren Robert Hull
It’s Only A Game by Bill Whalen
Joan of Quebec by Allen Edel
Lender of the Last Resort by Jonathan Kirshner
Love in a Warmer Clime by Andrew Arthur Nympho Dog Girl by Robert D. Burns
Private Window by John F. Fantini
The Sayings by William and Randi Scheurer
Stopover by Jean Hunter
The Changing Of The Guard by Vincent J. Izzo and Mary R. Izzo
The Most Hated Woman In America by Craige Cronin
The Serpent in the Garden by Richard G. McKee, Jr.
White Rose by George Ferris and Matt Roe

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